Faced with unprecedented disruption and uncertainty, corporate leaders are rethinking their strategies and undertaking a shift in ways of doing business as they strive to adapt and achieve longevity in a rapidly changing world.

While for the last 30 years, productivity, profitability and efficiency have been at the centre of how companies are managed, increasingly start-ups to international corporations now pay attention to business sustainability.

Join us, in association with the Financial Times, at Leaders in Business Sustainability for a day of critical insight in a truly interactive and stimulating forum, as we address the questions:

  • What is the meaning of business sustainability?
  • Which factors undermine longevity and inhibit sustainable growth?
  • What qualities characterise enduring companies and enable them to survive and thrive?
  • How are business models and cultures evolving to build agility and sustain organisations?


From Strategy to Reality

In an interactive and collaborative forum, delivered using a combination of technology and facilitation, participants will work with their peers to collaboratively answer the question ‘What does it take to deliver a Sustainable Business?’ and agree on practical solutions and actions – around three key topics:

  1. Sustainable Business Models: Fostering agility – understanding the inhibitors and enablers of delivering more sustainable business models.
  2. Sustainable Products: Speed of innovation – how to deliver the next generation of tangible and intangible products and services, improving their flexibility and speed to market.
  3. Sustainable People: Workforce of the future – capturing the knowledge and know-how of our current workforce and preparing our own businesses for shifting work patterns.

We’ll explore the subject at two levels, addressing both the strategic vision of leaders and the reality of execution and delivery.

Attendees will be the first to hear the results of independent research conducted amongst over 150 senior executives from major European and North American organisations that will give informed context to the discussions.

Spread The Word

Uncertainty is one of the greatest obstacles facing productivity and prosperity across Europe.  The strongest adapt and evolve.  This is the task ahead for our brightest business leaders.


Why Attend

  • Interactive & Collaborative – No more sitting and listening to presentations: actively participate in identifying ideas, trends, patterns, AND SOLUTIONS
  • Practical Learning – Prototype new approaches to test within the environment of the event, before taking them back to your business
  • Results – Receive the collected insights of the event into what we do next. How do we translate Strategy to Reality?
  • Networking – Meaningful networking with peers from multiple industries, on solution-focused topics
  • Exclusive Research – Be the first to hear the results of independent research from over 150 senior executives from major European and North American organisations.
10th Mar, 2020
DATE10 March, 2020 TIME08:00 AM - 17:00 PM VENUEMünchenbryggeriet
  • 08:30 Welcome
  • 08:45 Keynote
  • 09:30 Innovation Dialogue
  • 09:50 Intelligence Executive Strategies for Long term Business Viability
  • 10:05 FT Hosted Industry Panel
  • 11:00 Break
  • 11:15 Roundtable Discussion What does it take to deliver a Sustainable Business?
  • 12:15 3DEXPERIENCE Playground & Lunch
  • 14:00 On the Platform Live Case Study DS Sustainability / Manufacturing
  • 14:15 Roundtable Discussion Translating Strategy into Reality
  • 15:30 Break
  • 15:35 Executive Panel Interview The Change Challenge
  • 16:30 Final words/event wrap up
  • 16:45 Close

To Register

This event is limited to a number of guests.  Participation is free of charge.
Please note that your registration of the event shall only be confirmed once the request is authorized and BEE sends an official confirmation email.


To register or further information, kindly send a quick email to Reg@BeExecutiveEvents.com



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