• I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was a fantastic opportunity to network with peers at other organisations and in other industries and hear and discuss how they are responding to challenges and incorporating Artificial Intelligence.
    Professor Julia Hobsbawm was very engaging and her speech was very pertinent and enlightening. I very much enjoyed the discussion.
    The event was incredibly well organised and hosted. The chauffeur service helped the evening run smoothly.
    The incredibly generous hospitality of organising the event at the Ritz was much appreciated.

    Chief Financial Officer Barclays
  • Thank you for a very enjoyable evening.
    The event was extremely well organized, lovely venue, and networking with other industries peers was quite interesting.
    NetApp Speaker was very good at engaging with the audience.
    Look forward to attending other upcoming events.

    CEO CSI Group
  • Thank you very much for the invite to the event.
    In my opinion, it was worth to come and get some new ideas and potentials to discuss.
    Furthermore, it was so convenient and well organized to join!

    Team Lead automated warehouses BMW Group
  • The event was very good and with interesting conversations.
    – Offering a vegetarian choice is very important. Thank you!
    – Speaker and presentation: interesting content, not long torp (do not do longer)
    – Guests: good quality of the guests.
    – Super location
    – Communication was very well done: Straight to the point and clear details.

    Co-founder and VP Engineering Dashlane
  • Many thanks for hosting me. I really enjoyed meeting with you and other guests.
    My feedback for the event would be as follows:
    – The size of the gathering was perfect. Gave enough opportunity to network and get to know people.
    – The food, wine, service was perfect. What else can you expect at the Ritz :-)?
    – You and your team were gracious hosts and took great care to facilitate the meeting. For example, I was on my own for a few minutes and you quickly helped me to connect with a couple of guests at the event.

    Vice President of HR Pearson
  • Thank you and your team for the perfect organization of the event.
    Wonderful location, well-selected participants with diverse backgrounds and valuable exchange and networking.

    Head of IT Contract and Vendor Management Infineon Technologies
  • Many thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.
    I thought the event was a fantastic and very good use of time.
    The venue, quality of participants and content – all spot on.
    Thoroughly enjoyed table talk and the overall interaction.

    Director for Unified Cloud comms Etisalat
  • Many thanks for the invite to the event last night it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening.
    I think keeping the group to a smaller number really allowed you to meet and have a good conversation with the attendees.
    The guests were all very likeminded & I loved the way the hosts asked everyone to introduce themselves.
    The speaker was very enlightening and held the audience, it would have been good to have more time for Q&A, discussion as the topic was so interesting
    I also made some really good contacts from the event to extend my network.
    Thank you again & I look forward to attending an event in the future.

    Chief Financial Officer UK&I Pladis Global
  • Many thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.
    I thought the event was a fantastic and very good use of time.
    The venue, quality of participants and content – all spot on.
    Thoroughly enjoyed Aron ’s talk and the overall interaction.

    CFO International Retail Walgreens Boots Alliance
  • It was a good event, appreciate the small & intimate group of people.

    Vice President, Head of Group Strategy & Partnerships Ericsson
  • First and foremost thank you again for hosting the event last week.
    Personally, I found the lunch extremely useful. It provided a fantastic opportunity to discuss a very relevant topic with fellow Executives in addition to hearing from Aron. I was fortunate to be sat beside Aron and so was able to spend considerable time discussing our shared passion for strong leadership driving a positive culture.
    Overall a great format in a rather splendid location.

    Deputy Chief HR Officer, UK Santander UK
  • it was a pleasure to have joined the dinner last night.
    The location was very good and the dinner well organized.
    I enjoyed the speeches held and the discussions with my peers at the dinner table.

    Regional Head Trade Finance Operations, Europe & Americas Commerzbank AG
  • Thank you for the invitation and enjoyable evening discussing data and analytics.
    The event was well run and very informative with a great selection of people with diverse insights into the problems facing their industry.

    Vice President Data Science, COO DIGITAL COE Equinor
  • Thank you for this follow-up email. To be frank, last night was really fantastic. In particular, I have for many years been a huge fan of small personalised events and have tried to run and have participated in many, and as you know, making these successful is much harder than one might think. So, going through some of the attributes of the event:
    – I always think a memorable venue is key, both to attract the right attendees and then making the event memorable on the day. Boy, did you achieve this with The Ritz London! It was just a fantastic choice
    – The event organisation is key – especially in advance (but also of course on the day as well), and again BEE excelled at this. Lots of great, timely, appropriate content in your communications
    – The car pickups were a really great touch. They just added to the overall experience
    – The customer is key to the success – and you have a great customer in NetApp. The guys really understood, in my opinion, how to pitch to this audience, and I think got a great balance between relationship building, image (of NetApp) awareness, thought leadership and soft sell.

    All in all, it was right at the top of the list of these types of events I have done over many years, so a huge congrats to you and your team.

    Head of Business Development and Marketing Kainos Evolve
  • I thank you for this invitation: whose organization, the reception and the services throughout the evening, were a key to the success of this dinner in an exceptional place.
    This event organized roundtables around a strong topical theme in our industry, was an opportunity to revisit the strategy and values of NetApp, meet and discuss with my colleagues and our host ESN while throughout the evening.
    A very good format and a great evening in a very prestigious place in Paris.

    Directeur Performance & Transformation Conseil et Expertises des Infrastructures Services Gfi Informatique
  • Thought the event was excellent, as was the venue and the lunch itself. Felt quite relaxed and intimate from a corporate perspective, and allowed for good conversations on the tables. The formal part was done very nicely and the perspectives from Aron were both interesting and inspiring.
    Overall an excellent and valuable lunch so congrats to Kronos and to your team for the organisation

    CEO Fosway Grouo
  • My thoughts below:
    – I think it was a brilliant event and very well organised so thank for the invite. A great mix of people and a great choice of venue.
    – Even better if would be – to create more opportunity of networking outside your table to the extent possible – though appreciate that is difficult.
    – Also will be helpful to attend one more session with the same/similar group of people to further cement the relationship.

    Head of Finance - Partnership, Loans and Savings Bank of Ireland
  • Really excellent … great venue … the format was excellent (really liked the round table introductions) … faultless execution by your team … the peers I met were very engaging and very good dialogue … I thought the speaker could have been a little more relevant to the topic and a few more case studies to tacking the issues around so what and what is next … nevertheless an exceptional evening well worth senior executives to attend … many thanks and would love to attend again …

    EVP, Group Chief Marketing Officer Capgemini
  • We have very much enjoyed the evening and the good conversations we had. Very well organized.
    Thanks for being your guests. DocuSign is very professional and could help us to standardize processes and to safe time.
    I am sure we will deepen the discussion with DocuSign and get more people Involved internally to demonstrate the Power & Value of this one – going Digital.

    Chief Purchasing Officer & General Manager Fritzmeier Kabinen GmbH / Fritzmeier Group
  • Thanks for the great event and gathering top-notch experts in one place. For me, it was great to reconnect with my peers from the industry which didn’t have a chance to see for Ling time. It was a great learning experience from the latest cloud updates from NetApp and refresher for great opportunities ahead of us.
    Thanks again and looking forward to the next one.

    Vice President & Managing Director Enterprise Sales CommScope UAE
  • I really enjoyed the event and very appreciative of being invited to such a wonderful setting and being so well looked after.
    The mix of people was very good and a good level – so many times at these events the people are too junior and therefore the conversation not at the right level – last night was very good.
    Julia gave a very stimulating talk – which we continued on our table.
    Once again thank you for the invite – thought-provoking and a great networking opportunity.

    Divisional HR Director UK and Europe Serco UK & Europe
  • Thanks for the mail and for an excellent well-executed and very enjoyable evening – great hosts, great conversation and great company.
    I really enjoyed the format and participating in the conversation; I’d be more than happy in joining you at future events where I can contribute.
    In answer to your question, I’m not sure you could improve the event – apart from the technical hiccup, which wouldn’t be an event if there wasn’t at least one.

    Marketing and Sales Director Memset UK
  • Thanks for inviting me to the BEE & DocuSign dinner last Thursday. It was a great opportunity to network, discuss the digital future and share experiences among a certain peer group.
    The organization and the whole environment was very good – from the chauffeur services (which finally allowed me to join this event) to the intro speeches and the selection of diverse participants. I always felt very comfortable and well.

    General Manager Innovation & Transformation Kromberg & Schubert GmbH & Co. KG
  • Thanks a lot for the event invite. It was a great pleasure to meet you.
    My feedback:
    ▪ Event Organization: 10/10
    ▪ Communication & Follow-Ups: 10/10
    ▪ Venue: 10/10
    ▪ Content of the expert presentation: 8/10

    Head of SME Marketing du Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company
  • Feedback: great venue, lovely food, interesting delegates and lively table conversation.
    Cars there and back were very welcome.

    CEO & Founder Fordway Solutions
  • Thank you very much for hosting the event and for having me.
    I very much enjoyed the conversations and took away a lot of valuable information about DocuSign. I also liked the live demo and thought it fitted in perfectly in the course of the evening. So, I would not change anything!

    Head of Legal Siemens AG
  • Thank you very much for an excellent event and consideration. It was a great pleasure to participate and absorb the theme and insights!
    My general feedback is this event was well balanced, giving the opportunity to meet other people and enjoy delicious dinner. I was very impressed with Julia’s background, her work and presentation during the evening.
    As far as the opportunity for future events perhaps a bit more insights with facts and figures would be more engaging for the audience. The discussions were too high level and rushed, whilst AI is a complex topic and deserves more in-depth discussion.

    Global Risk CFO HSBC Holdings
  • The event was held in great taste and with very good attendance and flow throughout.
    I look forward to attending future and similar events.

    CEO Clouds Solutions UAE
  • I found the event extremely well organised. The topic was rather generic “Digital Transformation” but it provided enough context to have interesting conversations with all the other invitees.
    I liked the networking angle of the event rather than a sales pitch from NetApp.
    Overall a very nice experience and I look forward to the next event.

    VP, Digital Product Strategy Endava
  • Many thanks for inviting me. It was a fantastic lunch. Executed flawlessly and some great conversation.
    I did stand up and thank BEE when I posted a question to Aron so I hope your team heard that and I helped you to score some brownie points with Kronos too.
    I have since followed up with them to tell them how great the events were and how well your team had organised it.

    Vice President of Travel Solutions TransPerfect
  • Hello and thank you again for this evening,
    I greatly appreciated the general organization of the event (venue, schedule and theme).
    I especially enjoyed the aperitif that allowed us to freely exchange and get to know each other before settling down at the table – especially as the mild weather and the balcony were there.
    I discovered a new NetApp consulting offer that I did not know and got to know both your colleagues and peers – and I enjoyed the discussions and discussions of the evening.
    Thank you again for this invitation and the senior profile of the people present tonight.
    A great success!!

    Head of IT Business Applications Sopra Steria
  • Thank you very much for inviting us to the riveting evening exploring the idea of a Paperless NHS…..while a big part of me has always believed in the organic way of life… I came away from the meeting with the conviction that a ‘Paperless Environmental Friendly NHS’ should not just be an aspiration but the reality of the future.
    Thank you BEE for making this happen….the talks were interesting, the company even more so and the compact nature made it feel like a one to one interaction with the participants which sometimes is lost in such events.
    I look forward very much to learning more, doing more. Please keep me posted on any more such events that might enlighten the mind further.

    Clinical Lead Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
  • Thank you for the Invitation and the reminder for feedback. In short, I liked the format, the location and the organization (although my professional background was obviously very different from the other participants, also seniority of participants was quite diverse).

    Managing Director & Senior Banker Financial Institutions Group Société Générale
  • The event was well planned and run flawlessly from start to finish.
    Communication and touching points from your team always engaging and straight to the point.
    Kronos were amazing hosts. It will be a pleasure to stay in touch. I enjoyed it!

    CIO Retail & Business Banking Santander UK
  • I enjoyed the event, it was planned and run well from start to finish.
    We had some great hosts in NetApp, the venue was wonderful and I really enjoyed meeting my fellow delegates.

    Head of Digital Strategy FirstRail / FirstGroup
  • Thanks for the invitation to attend this amazingly well-organized event.
    I have held and attended several business events and I was very impressed by your team courtesy and professionalism and communication regarding event details in participation.
    Looking forward to being invited to upcoming events.

    Director Of Information Technology Digital of Things
  • Thanks so much for such a great event.
    The company and venue were superb and much appreciated by me, the subject matter insightful.

    Principal - CEO Office International BNY Mellon
  • Thank you for inviting me. It was an excellent dinner and I think the evening went well.

    Director of Digital Development NHS England
  • Thank you for the invitation to attend last week an amazing evening.
    My feedback:
    – Good Organization
    – Great Event format
    – Good Pace of presentations
    – Relevant stakeholders
    – Great Networking

    VP Sales Software LINKBYNET
  • The event was very good and the discussions were enjoyable.
    The chauffeurs are a great idea – frankly they probably avoid last-minute cancellations and take a lot of excuses away for folks – great convenience factor!
    That’s all – Thank you for a fun evening!

    CEO Six Degrees Group
  • I really liked the event, the exclusive setting, the delicious food and the contents.
    I found the talks very interesting, open and informative as well for the variety of guests and the exchanged views on the evening topic.
    I would like to be part of such an event again, if I may.

    Group Leader Operation Legal Protection / Head of Group Operations ERGO Group AG
  • Thank you for your kind invitation to the executive dinner last night.
    The venue was brilliant, stunning views and excellent service!
    The content delivered by Kainos was very insightful and informative.

    National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow NHS England
  • Many thanks for a brilliant evening, I found it very useful and a great opportunity to find out more about NetApp, and what other organizations are doing with the cloud. This plays into my own areas of SaaS, APIs, and platforms.
    Thanks also for the list of attendees, I’ll be connecting up with them to continue the discussions.

    Principal Globalscale Digital
  • Thank you for a great evening yesterday. It was really great to hear views on how the healthcare system can be transformed through the integration of IT and technology.
    I felt all the attendees contributed and it was useful to the network as I will be working on a number of projects this year and may collaborate with some of them. I think the Kainos pitch was very informative and definitely demonstrated how our healthcare system needs to adapt and actually evoked a lot of thought on how Bupa could potentially invest in the cloud.
    Thank you for your hospitality. I look forward to the next time.

    Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Clinical Fellow Bupa UK
  • Thank you again for the outstanding and perfect organization of this fruitful event including getting in contact with managers from different industrial sectors facing the same challenges and thus in an exclusive location, by extraordinary good food in a very pleasant atmosphere was great.
    Personally, I took a lot of new insides/perspectives and potential cooperation out of this event.
    Again – thank you very much for this fruitful event and I would be happy to be invited for a future meeting!

    Head of innovation management E-Mobility BMW Group
  • Great evening, thank you!
    Really interesting to hear the benefits of cloud-based patient care records.

    National Medical Director's Clinical Fellow NHS England
  • Firstly, I would like to thank you so much for the perfect organization of the event, wonderful location, exquisite dinner and high qualitative participants.
    I was very delighted and enjoyed the evening. So I will absolutely recommend your events.
    Thanks for being your guest. I’m looking forward to seeing you again at the next event.

    Retail & Data Consultant Media-Saturn-Holding GmbH
  • I felt very privileged to have the opportunity to meet some fantastic leaders and to share ideas. Very powerful!

    Managing Director Four Seasons Health Care
  • Thanks again for a lovely evening. Fabulous evening, great food and great company too…
    It was a well-paced evening; the only downside really was that it ended too soon!

    VP of Marketing Rackspace
  • Thank you very much for facilitating the executive dinner @ Villa Kennedy. I loved the familiar atmosphere, the lively discussion, the exchange between the participants, and least but not last the excellent dinner.
    You have done a great job and in fact, if I look at the event (beginning from the pick-up, the welcome, the people, presentation, … until the drop at my home) I cannot find anything to improve. Please continue!

    Vice President W&CC Technology Deutsche Bank
  • I thought the event was excellent and very well planned. Also being in a unique venue rather than a faceless room in a chain hotel with driver service made a big difference to 99% of the invitations I receive. This was probably the reason senior people attended rather than sending someone on their behalf.
    The content also followed this and showed NetApp to be forward-thinking and engaging rather than talking at us about products.
    I would like to extend a thank you to yourselves and NetApp to a thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking evening

    ITAM Director CIVICA
  • Thanks again for the invitation, it was a nice evening and I enjoyed being your guest.
    I think the presentation was good, but some live demo would have been helpful in understanding the capability of DocuSign.
    The venue was well organized – I think that’s it.

    Head of CCRO CDO BO Projects Credit Suisse
  • I wanted to say thank you for the invitation and for running an excellent event. I have been to a number of closed private events before and I would say the evening was a standout. Specifically:
    – No overt sales pitch or push for any product play/capability
    – Insightful talk from Gartner – independent and helped fuel the conversation for the evening
    – The appropriate level of seniority and therefore conversation was at the appropriate level and didn’t descend into technology only
    – A great mix of sectors represented

    In terms of how to improve the evening for future events you might run:
    – We bonded well on our table but would have been really good to have mixed the tables up after each course of the meal – we were able to talk openly and get into some details on our table and was keen to both talk to Liberty (similar sector) and NHS (useful cross over) but both were on another table. If there is a way to mix the tables up in a planned way after each course that would be ideal. I totally accept the logistics would become challenging, but the benefits would be worthwhile

    Head of Data Science Channel 4
  • It was a great evening, the timing was rightly planned, for discussion, dinner, interaction with guests, etc.

    CISO Deutsche Bank
  • Very good event, lots of interesting and some challenging discussion around the role of the CDO and the fundamental importance of data to Digital and AI initiatives. Thanks for the invite.

    Data & AI Market Unit Leader UK&I Avanade
  • I thought that the event was extremely well run and useful, with an excellent mix of people and industries to make the discussions lively and interesting. The presentation from Gartner was very good and the presenter, Debra Logan, was very good at facilitating.
    The Ritz provided a very good informal area and that contributed to people speaking openly and honestly about their challenges.
    The gift-bag at the end was a nice touch.
    Thank you for a very profitable evening.

    Head of Core Quant Programmes and Projects Royal Bank of Canada
  • Many thanks for organising this event. I really did not know what to expect when I accepted but for me, it was a very enlightening
    evening. My Feedback…

    What was good:
    – The organisation was very good and the venue impressive
    . The attendees – great mix and not easy to search and find I suspect. As this is a developing area there are so many job titles and types that fit this space but you had a diverse cross-section.
    – The content and conversation – this mix of people and experiences, with us all interested in the subject made the value of the conversation high. Did I have one big take-home message – no not really. You can read Gartner stuff and if you live this space the slides just validate what you know. HOWEVER, I got to understand new stories/experiences/perspectives and lots of little nuggets of practical ideas. You can’t get this from frameworks and reading.
    – The all-over the event – it was a good blend of a little structure to get them thinking going and free form. I have to give a lot of credit to NetApp who I think funded the whole event. They did not try to sell themselves but allowed the whole evening to find to feet. I think this helped, as events where the agenda is toward the sponsor feel more constrained in the ideas and thoughts that emerge.

    What could be improved:
    – If you could have enticed attendees from pure digital companies (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Apple, Uber, NetFlix, Microsoft) it could have provided a ‘new order’ thought process into the room.

    Thank you for putting it all together. I would be interested in attending future events.

    Head of GMS Tech Analytics GSK
  • A great event with inspiring contributions from exec data leaders across a number of industries.

    Chief Data Officer and Head of Digital Services Target Group
  • Thanks again for being invited – I am happy to share some feedback:
    – Well-selected audience/group of people.
    – Very lively and good discussions
    – Was able to expand my network with some really interesting contacts
    – Group of people and the size of the event was at the right size

    I hope that this feedback is helpful for you and I would like to take this opportunity again to thank you for being invited to the event.

    COO Deutsche Bank
  • It was a wonderful evening, I was able to learn a lot about the product and its usage in the financial sector including my sector which is Tax Advisory. The timeline was very well planned.
    I would like to recommend that these events take place also in Düsseldorf, considering the wide number of private banks, private wealth, private asset management, insurance and tax advisory services.

    Legal Penner + Partner GbR
  • Firstly thank you very much for the invite and such a brilliant evening.
    I think the event was very well organised, with the right size of the audience who could interact and build a network. Debra was brilliant, so knowledgeable and a true SME. My personal take away was great learning, thinking from a different perspective and a network I would really cherish being part of. I have already contacted and started to network with the participant.
    I look forward to the next event. Thank you very much once again

    Head of People Analytics & People Technology KPMG UK
  • First of all: Thank you once again – and once more – for the whole organization of the evening!
    As per my feedback, please note:
    – Interesting topic
    – Very good – diverse! – the group with a good mixture of industries and functions
    – Exciting personalities – from technical/practical know-how to social skills which leads to a nice, private and personal atmosphere

    And last but not least: great location and set-up!

    General Manager Innovation & Transformation Kromberg & Schubert GmbH
  • Thank you for this evening both pleasant and informative.
    I appreciated the friendliness and openness of everyone.

    Chief Sales Officer ActiveEon
  • Thank you for inviting me, I enjoyed the dinner and exchange!
    I would have loved to focus more on the people and change challenge and less on the toolset from Information Builders.
    Technology is not the hurdle. I would next time actively try to steer the discussion more into that direction.

    Data to Value Principles - Corporate Data Steward Sales & Marketing BASF SE
  • Thank you so much for inviting me to the event.
    I have only positive things to say.
    – Well organised with timely reminders leading up to the event.
    – A great selection of like-minded professionals, so the conversation flowed from start to finish.
    – The talk from Aron Ain (Kronos CEO) was very interesting and so inspiring

    Chief Operations Officer TeleWare
  • The event yesterday was fantastic in a number of ways as detailed below.
    – Engaging, interesting and informative
    – Excellent venue
    – Quality food & wine
    – Great networking opportunity
    – Valuable use of my time

    I would be very interested in attending similar events should the opportunity arise.

    Chief Commercial Officer MHR
  • At first, many thanks for the invite and the enjoyable and informative evening!
    It was a great opportunity to go into an exchange with people from our industry.
    What I found very positive as well is that it did not feel like the event of a sale at all, instead, there was lots of space for an open and lively discussion between participants and solution provider.

    COO & Head of Sanctions Governance Deutsche Bank
  • Once again thank you for inviting and the hospitality. Great event!
    Great discussions in the table around the topic. Nevertheless, I suggest giving more time for interacting with all to move around between the dining tables or bar tables.

    Head Global Compliance and Data Privacy Officer Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH
  • Thank you for sharing the list of attendees and for the organisation around the event yesterday evening.
    The organisation was great and coordination of guests, conversation topics and the speaker was outstanding. I enjoyed the
    networking prior to sitting at the table and the format of the evening, with a wider room conversation as well as a table discussion and debate.
    Fantastic location, food and chauffeur service which removed a lot of the logistical hassle that usually goes with attending events like these.
    Look forward to future events and relevant topics of conversation.

    Vice President, Innovation and Emerging Technology Barclays
  • Thank you for the enjoyable evening. The attention and service from the driver to the Villa staff was excellent.
    Although the majority of the attendees were from Deutsche Bank they all had such diverse backgrounds. I was glad to learn more about the topic and appreciated making personal connections.
    I look forward to being able to attend future events and would happily recommend your events.

    Vice President, Global Sanctions and Embargoes Deutsche Bank
  • I certainly enjoyed the event, thank you very much. My comments are delivered as someone who has spent budget on similar activities so hopefully some useful points.

    The venue was excellent, clearly part of the draw for guests.

    I liked the topic, very broad but that is understandable, but I think we could have somehow brought the full room back to the topic/theme, maybe between courses. This is, of course, easier if you are around one (maybe large) table. I did just this with Nimbus Ninety at The Gherkin back in early July. This was with CIO’s and not a Service Provider audience so clearly a bit different. But we kept a lively round table debate going right to the end.

    The event had a fairly indistinct end, I think a more definite sign off from NetApp would have been good.

    Overall though this will have done exactly what was needed, to get NetApp in front of mind for those in the room. The overall quality was high.

    Senior Vice President, Managing Director UK Interoute
  • I had a great time. Thank you very much for the perfect organization, great food and very convenient chauffeur service.
    I especially liked that someone from the organization took the time to personally introduce me to my arrival. It really helped to start a conversation with the other participants and made me feel welcome.

    It would be my pleasure to join another of your events.
    Thanks to you and your team on location.

    Global Category Lead - Indirect Procurement BASF SE
  • A great evening talking with the NetApp guys & with the other guests.
    I’ve had a look at Cloud Camp as suggested– what a great resource! Thanks for the introductions.
    I also enjoyed the talk and the great networking and vivid discussions around evening topic.

    Director of Cloud Security CGI
  • it was a pleasure meeting the guys and ladies from BEE and DocuSign.
    I had some very interesting conversations with other participants as well as with Thomas from DocuSign. Moreover, I learned a lot about economic theories as well as about how the tool from DocuSign works, the strength and weakness of their tool and in which situation and environment their tool makes a lot of sense and in which not. We also talked in the late hours about what it needs to evolve their tool as a “must-have” in the patent attorneys and also lawyers environment.
    The chauffeur service from Blacklane was also totally awesome and the catering at Kempinski at the well-known very high level.
    Thank you for this evening and of course, I would be glad to join your events in the near future.

    Head of Intellectual Property Rodenstock GmbH
  • Thank you for a great event with new possibilities to network and share business thoughts with peers.
    Here are my reflections about the event.
    1. Planning – Very structured approach (follow up mails, transport solution)
    2. Location – Great location
    3. Dinner – Great dinner
    4. Network – Great opportunity to network (made new friends)
    5. Presentation – Interesting perspectives
    6. Follow up – Very structured

    VP Head of Product Strategy & Profit/Loss PFA
  • Thanks to an excellent organisation and a select interesting mix of industries, the evening was an enrichment both professionally and privately.

    Head of Marketing Bavaria Film
  • Thank you for a very interesting evening with great food and great company.
    Interesting to hear about the strategy and the challenges that different companies face in order to ensure that it is fulfilled.
    No question that the presentation from Software AG was very interesting and a sound input for dealing with big data.
    Once again thank you for a very professional venue.

    CFO Ørsted
  • Thanks again for your invitation. The evening was interesting and inspiring, and I can only congratulate you for perfectly organizing this event.

    Dean of TUM School of Management Technische Universität München (TUM)
  • Thank you for the invitation to a wonderful event. I thought the running of the event was incredibly smooth and the external speaker was great.
    For future events, it would be great if you could facilitate the opportunity to speak to more of the attendees about there thoughts and challenges.
    The dinner was fantastic but meant you only got to meet a small number of people.
    Thanks again and would welcome the invitation to future events

    Head of HR Vodafone UK
  • Many thanks for the invitation. The dinner was very well organized to understand Docusign much better was also very helpful.
    The whole setup including the self-introduction was really good. Very much appreciated.

    CFO & COO Thieme Group
  • Thanks again for the dinner invite. I enjoyed the dinner as well as the conversation.
    The event was well organized and the quality of the whole evening exceptional.
    If I were to give some constructive feedback it would be that the topic of the evening – why strategy execution fails and what to do about it – was not really the primary topic we discussed. I would have liked some more concrete examples and cases on who to address that issue. But none the less the topics we did discuss were interesting and the whole conversation was engaging.
    The facilitators also did a good job of engaging everyone into the conversation.
    Thanks again for a great evening.

    Head of Credit Data Analytics Danske Bank
  • Really enjoyed the lunch – the company and conversation were really enjoyable; the food and location really super and the format of the discussion/speech really insightful and stimulated some really original thinking.

    Chief Information Officer Nuffield Health
  • Thank you for your excellent service and for providing me with the follow-up.
    I appreciated meeting the group of selected executives in a private atmosphere and joining the discussion. It is time well spent sharing different views and having inspiring debates. I value the professional setting very much.

    Executive Vice President, CHRO Industrial Group ZF Group
  • Good quality peer group, great venue and a challenging theme delivered well.
    To make more of the theme itself and tease out views it would have been better to have had one table with a facilitated conversation over the later part of the dinner.
    As it was, the conversations took their own course which was pleasant but not the main purpose.

    Chief Commercial Officer Gatwick Airport
  • It was a great evening. Thank you for inviting me to this event.
    I learnt a lot about signature and contracts and met very interesting persons on this evening.
    The dinner was excellent and the atmosphere grandiose.

    I am looking forward to the next Executive Dinner.

    Deputy Head of Corporate IP-Commercialization Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • Really great event and very valuable to myself. Would be very happy to attend future ones and recommend to my peers.
    In terms of feedback, building conversations during dinner was more enjoyable than the reception.
    The presentation was great but would’ve been nice for it to be more interactive.

    VP, Customer Analytics, Premier Barclays
  • Thanks for your message and the great evening.
    My feedback would be that the objective of the evening was met perfectly.
    We had a lively, insightful discussion. I learned a number of things and left with a memory of time very well spent.

    Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Data Protection Officer (DPO) 360 Trading Networks
  • Thank you for the opportunity to participate last evening.
    It was a well organised, thought-provoking and enjoyable event.
    Please pass on my appreciation and best Christmas wishes to all those involved.

    Chief Financial Officer Bulk Commodities Anglo American
  • just a brief Feedback fort he executive Dinner.
    First of all, I had a great time.
    Very nice location.
    The introduction of Illusive Networks was very informative and on point.
    I enjoyed the discussion.

    Director of Central Region, Sales Operations Controlware GmbH
  • Overall I felt the event was run very well and organised to perfection.
    In terms of the content, I believe this could have been better.
    If the underlying aim was to spread awareness of Software AG, then this should have been made more direct. We talked about Dubai and several other examples where Software AG has helped in harmonising but still left questions around underlying data issues.

    Director of Group Market and Counterparty Credit Risk Nordea
  • First of all, I would like to thank you for inviting me, that was a new experience that I liked very much. I have already suggested your Company for some of my business partners in case they decide to promote their products. I think this kind of meetings bring a lot of opportunities to both parties that could not be reached by common advertisement, especially if they are organized in such a top-level.
    For me personally, this topic is very interesting and I learnt some very innovative approaches by illusive that could be appreciated by my new customer that works in the banking sphere and has high-security standards.
    I would be very pleased to be invited to one of your dinners once more.

    CEO Antelcom GmbH
  • The event was delightfully held in great taste and with very good attendance and flow throughout. I wouldn’t calm it faultlessly and speaks highly of BEE’s ability to organise and holds high-quality marketing and networking. I have been in touch with many of the people that I didn’t get to meet at the event.
    Will keep in mind for own event.
    Look forward to future opportunities.

    Head for EMEA and the Americas Standard Chartered Bank
  • Thank you for arranging the exclusive dinner on December 6th in Stockholm. It was a very good mix of participants from different industries.
    Still, we share a lot in common e.g. challenges to execute on our strategies and how to make large companies move faster.
    The place and the food were great. As an improvement, you may consider increasing the number of participants slightly.
    I look forward to joining future events you are arranging.

    Head, Unified Data Management and Policy Ericsson
  • Here is some feedback from me.
    . Nice setting and interesting people in the event
    – The discussions btw the participants was the most interesting piece

    Head of Project office Business Development H&M
  • Many thanks for inviting and hosting me at this event.
    The venue was lovely and the team extremely professional and welcoming. The content of the dinner speech was thought-provoking and interesting – though ultimately not solution driven which I think a few people in the room were hoping for.
    I was a little disappointed by the male / female split as there were only 2 female dinner guests and I think going forward it is something many organisations are trying to balance out attendance at such events – but appreciate that you invite based on roles and that many senior digital positions are filled by male colleagues but for a more balanced debate I think that could be enhanced in the future.
    Overall – it was an interesting way to spend my evening – and many thanks again for hosting.

    Head of Digital FirstGroup
  • Working with BEE – Be Executive Events has been an absolute pleasure. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and innovative approach consistently elevate our events to new heights. Their team’s collaborative spirit and unwavering support make every project not only successful but truly memorable. We highly value our partnership with BEE and look forward to many more years of shared success and excellence.

    Lead Partner Marketing Manager UKG
  • What a pleasure to see BEE – Be Executive Events and Ana Sofia Gomes partnering with OpenText to connect customer and prospects! Well done Team!

    Vice President Renewals Sales EMEA & LATAM OpenText
  • During my collaboration with BEE, all I need to do is deliver the details and await the results. It has never been so easy to work with a partner who, while staying focused on the goal, can effortlessly adapt and make everything run so smoothly. Their professionalism and efficiency make every project a seamless and stress-free experience.

    Global Partner Marketing FullStory
  • You are in really good hands when choosing Be Executive Events.  The team is very professional with an eye for all details.

    Marketing Manager Middle East & Africa NetApp
  • Working with BEE was effortless and a highly recommended experience.  The events delivery ran smoothly and we were informed every step of the project in true collaboration and never losing track of the goal.
    No details (5-star locations, high-level audience, hosting services, etc) was forgotten, and excellence was promised and delivered.  We look forward to working with Be Executive Events in new projects.

    Marketing Director Nordics Software AG
  • It was a great experience for me to work with BEE, they are very professional, perfectly careful in details.
    They have great time management and good taste in choosing event locations. The events went perfectly as planned!
    Looking forward for other events to work together, highly recommended

    EMEA Sr. GTM Consultant NetApp
  • Their expertise and commitment to excellence have significantly enhanced our events, creating impactful and memorable experiences for our customers and prospects. BEE‘s ability to seamlessly manage every detail while bringing fresh, innovative ideas to the table is truly commendable. We deeply appreciate their partnership and look forward to many more successful collaborations in the future.

    EMEA Marketing Commvault
  • Working with BEE makes delivering a project remarkably easy. Their efficient and professional approach allows us to hand over our vision with confidence and simply wait for the outstanding results. BEE‘s team seamlessly handles every detail, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process from start to finish. Their reliability and expertise mean we can always trust them to exceed our expectations, making each project a delightful and successful experience.

    NA Regional Marketing Manager F5
  • Just as there is a love matchmaker, there is BEE – our Business Matchmaker. BEE expertly reinforces our connections with existing clients while seamlessly connecting us with prospective clients. Their dedication and expertise ensure that our business relationships flourish, making every collaboration successful and impactful.

    EMEA Cloud Marketing IBM


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