Be Executive Events (BEE) is a global executive events company offering complete event planning, management, coordination, and event promotion.  Our services are available throughout the globe to assist companies in delivering highly effective, results-driven events, proven to deliver ROI.

We work with global companies to achieve their strategic objectives and deliver events, which will save organisations time, money and resources.  We pride ourselves on high quality, executive approach to the successful deliveries of these exclusive events.  Our experience and reputation for excellent customer service and returns on investment make us stand out for the competition.

BEE Exclusive Executive Events are per invitation only, gathering a selected group of senior-level executives to interact with their industry peers informally.  Each invitation is based on the participants’ relevance and influence within their organisations; and will be limited to a specific number of executives.  The events focus on the exchange of ideas, brainstorming, discussion of issues and business trends related to the executive guest area of expertise.

These Exclusive Executive Events provide the executive’s guests with a platform to address their challenges and issues they are currently facing or that they foresee in the near future and, at the same time, brainstorm solutions that can help them overcome their challenges.

We deliver these exclusive executive events on various topics based on current business trends and challenges that these global companies are facing currently in their day-to-day business.


Exclusive Executive Events

Our exclusive executive events offer a unique experience for our guests as each event, online or face-to-face, is created to promote senior-level peer-to-peer interaction, brainstorming of ideas and discussion of trends within the executive guest’s specific area of expertise,

The executive events gather senior-level executives from the private and public sectors. Participation is per invitation only and always free of charge.

We value Cultural & Business Etiquette

BEE adapts every Exclusive Executive Event according to the cultural backgrounds of each delivery location. From an invitation to our Event Team onsite, we will always take into consideration the cultural values and business etiquette for each location.

The executive events are delivered both in the local language as well as English.


Anywhere & Anytime

As an organisation, we have the experience, cultural knowledge and understanding to deliver successfully any of your event tailored requirements in any location around the globe.


Exclusive Executive Events
BEE Event Package includes:
  • Fully Customized Executive Event

    Messaging and target executives (job roles/company names) are fullly controlled by Client.

  • Target Audience

    BEE guarantees that each and every executive attending is a target executive approved by Client.

  • Executive Event at a 5-Star location

    All 5-Star location costs for the entire Executive Event are 100% included.

  • Executive Event Team

    Local Senior Event Management Team assisting the full event.

  • Chauffeur Service

    All costs included for organization and implementation of any chauffeur service, driving any executive guests who request this services.

  • Client Team at the Executive Event

    Client team (inc. speaker) at event built-in with the event package.

  • Face Time, Client Speech and Q&A

    The face time for Client’s sales leaders with their key target executives is always 4 to 5 hours (from 18:00 PM until guests leave, max 23:00 PM).


If you are interested in receiving invitations to our exclusive events around the globe, kindly send an email to Reg@BeExecutiveEvents.com, or select an event and register.

Please note that your participation of the event shall only be confirmed, once is authorised and BEE sends an official confirmation email and calendar invite with details.

13th Jun, 2024

Automating Cyber Threat Intelligence
From Data Collection to
Actionable Insights

Palo Alto (CA), United States
20th Jun, 2024

Automating Cyber Threat Intelligence
From Data Collection to
Actionable Insights

New York (NY), United States
25th Jun, 2024

Automatisierung der Cyber-Bedrohungsintelligen: Von der Datenerfassung zu umsetzbaren Erkenntnissen

Frankfurt, Deutschland
18th Jun, 2024

Automatisation du Renseignement
sur les Menaces Cybernétique

Genève, Suisse
27th Jun, 2024

Navigating AI Security Amidst Cloud Dynamics

19th Jun, 2024

AI and the Hybrid Paradigm
The Future of Unified Cybersecurity

Jakarta, Indonesia
11th Jun, 2024

Automating Cyber Threat Intelligence
From Data Collection to
Actionable Insights

London, United Kingdom
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