Even with a strong vision and with the best people, strategic initiatives too often fail to execute successfully. Being able to adapt or drive changes in the market through new business models is crucial to remain competitive.  However, the ability to effectively change the operating model is a harder task to manage.  Therefore, transparency in business operations has become a critical competitive weapon.  The company must act as one team, one culture, with the insight of how operations are performing to successfully manage the transformation.

Understanding this, leading organisations are now combining key capabilities into central transformation functions, tasked to streamline strategy execution. Software AG has become a part of these journeys, by providing key business capabilities to support strategy execution.  In this roundtable, we will share and discuss these stories and our vision on 21st-century business transformation.

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Join us and gain insights about:

  • What does digitalisation mean for you?  Is it mean to optimise ways of working or a way to pursue new revenue streams or a bit of both?
  • Who is responsible for making digitalisation initiatives successful?
  • How often do strategic initiatives fall short of their original goals?  What is the key reason?
  • Is the speed with which you can currently implement changes enough to be competitive in the years to come?
  • If we would ask people from different responsibility areas, e.g. LOB, Finance, IT, to describe an end-to-end process in your organization, is there a common view?
  • How do you manage the challenge of implementing cross-functional changes?


6th Dec, 2018
DATE06 December, 2018 TIME06:00 PM - 10:30 PM VENUETo be provided upon registration
  • 17:15 Chauffeur Service
  • 18:00 Reception & Welcome Cocktail
  • 19:00 Executive Peer Introduction
  • 19:30 Starter
  • 20:00 Speaker Presentation
  • 20:20 Questions & Answers
  • 20:40 Main Course
  • 21:30 Dessert
  • 22:15 Chauffeur Service
  • 22:30 End of Executive Event

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The Executive Event – Why Strategy Execution Fails and What To Do About It – is an event created for professionals to come together to discuss industry trends and topics at a high level, peer-to-peer environment.

This event is limited to a number of executive guests.  Participation is free of charge.
Please note that your registration of the event shall only be confirmed once the request is authorized and BEE sends an official confirmation email.

To register or further information, kindly send a quick email to Reg@BeExecutiveEvents.com

JOIN US for senior-level conversations, exchange of ideas and networking at Be Exclusive Events’, intimate, Executive Executive – Why Strategy Execution Fails and What To Do About It.


This particular executive Event would be of interest to professionals with the following titles:

  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Transformation Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • SVP/EVP/VP’s of Operations, Strategy and Transformation
  • Heads of Departments and Directors of Operations, Strategy and Transformation


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