Every human being who works for a living in business or any organisation today is affected by technology which now touches every aspect of their working lives almost every minute of the day, with profound implications for recruitment, retention, and productivity.

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Our Speaker

Prof Julia Hobsbawm

Julia Hobsbawm, the acclaimed expert on modern connectedness and its discontents and the Honorary Visiting Professor in Workplace Social Health at London’s Cass Business School has interviewed several of the world’s top People directors and academics concerned with productivity and the workplace to bring insight to this report, and in addition will publish the findings of an extensive attitudinal survey amongst key professionals into their working practices with technology.

Join Us and Understand

As we approach a time when AI and machine learning becomes even more integrated into the workplace, we are using this exclusive dinner event, to discuss…

  • Technology’s impact on humans at work and in society
  • What workers in the digital era should do to ensure they can still thrive in the always-connected world of today
  • And what organisations need to consider to keep their employees healthy and engaged in the workplace

26th Jun, 2019
DATE26 June, 2019 TIME06:00 PM - 10:30 PM VENUETo be provided upon registration
  • 17:15 Chauffeur Service
  • 18:00 Executive Dinner Reception & Welcome Cocktail
  • 19:00 Executive Peer Introduction
  • 19:30 Starter
  • 20:00 Expert Speaker Presentation
  • 20:20 Questions & Answers
  • 20:40 Main Course
  • 21:30 Dessert
  • 22:15 Chauffeur Service
  • 22:30 End of Executive Dinner

To Register

The Executive Dinner – The APPlied Human at Work: The World of the Worker in the Digital Era – is an exclusive event created for executives to come together to discuss industry trends and topics at a high level, peer-to-peer environment.


This exclusive event is limited to a number of executive guests.  Participation is free of charge.
Please note that your registration of the event shall only be confirmed once the request is authorized and BEE sends an official confirmation email.


To register or further information, kindly send a quick email to Reg@BeExecutiveEvents.com

JOIN US for senior-level conversations, exchange of ideas and networking at Be Exclusive Events’ Exclusive, intimate, by invitation only Executive Dinner – The APPlied Human at Work: The World of the Worker in the Digital Era.


This particular CxO Dinner would be of interest to professionals with the following titles:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Chief People Officer
  • SVP/EVP/VPs of Human Resources and Finance
  • Head of Departments and Directors of Human Resources and Finance



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