It was a great evening, the timing was rightly planned, for discussion, dinner, interaction with guests, etc.

COO Chief Information Security Office 

Deutsche Bank

Thank you for this follow-up email. To be frank, last night was really fantastic. In particular, I have for many years been a huge fan of small personalized events and have tried to run and have participated in many, and as you know, making these successful is much harder than one might think. So, going through some of the attributes of the event:

- I always think a memorable venue is key, both to attracting the right attendees and then making the event memorable on the day. Boy did you achieve this with the Ritz. It was just a fantastic choice

- The event organisation is key – especially in advance (but also of course on the day as well), and again BEE excelled at this. Lots of great, timely, appropriate content in your communications

- The car pickups were a really great touch. They just added to the overall experience

- The customer is key to the success – and you have a great customer. The guys really understood, in my opinion, how to pitch to this audience, and I think got a great balance between relationship building, image, awareness, thought leadership and soft sell. 

All in all, it was right at the top of the list of these types of events I have done over many years, so a huge congrats to you and your team.

Head of Business Development and Marketing 

Kainos Evolve

Thank you and your team for the perfect organization of the event.

Wonderful location, well selected participants with diverse backgrounds and valuable exchange and networking.

Head of IT Contract and Vendor Management

Infineon Technologies

We have very much enjoyed the evening and the good conversations we had. Very well organized. Thanks for being your guests.  

Chief Purchasing Officer
Fritzmeier Group

Thanks again for a lovely evening. Fabulous evening, great food and great company too...

It was a well-paced evening; the only downside really was that it ended too soon!

VP of Marketing


Thank you for the enjoyable evening. The attention and service from the driver to villa staff was excellent. Although the majority of the attendees were from Deutsche Bank they all had such diverse backgrounds. I was glad to learn more about the topic and appreciated making the personal connections. 

I look forward to being able to attend future events and would happily recommend your events. 

Vice President, Global Sanctions and Embargoes

Deutsche Bank

Feedback: great venue, lovely food, interesting delegates and lively table conversation.   

CEO and Founder

Fordway Solutions


It was a wonderful evening, I was able to learn a lot about the product and its usage in the financial sector including my sector which is Tax Advisory. The time lines were very well planned.

Penner und Partner

I enjoyed the event, it was planned and run well from start to finish. We had some great hosts, the venue was wonderful and I really enjoyed meeting my fellow delegates.

Head of Digital Strategy
FirstRail / FirstGroup

Thank you very much for hosting the event and for having me. 

I very much enjoyed the conversations and took away a lot of valuable information about Electronic Signatures.  I also liked the live demo and thought it fitted in perfectly in the course of the evening. So, I would not change anything!

Head of Legal Industry Services

Siemens AG

I found the event extremely well organised. The topic was rather generic “Digital Transformation” but it provided enough context to have interesting conversations with all the other invitees. I liked the networking angle of the event rather than a sales pitch. Overall a very nice experience and I look forward to the next event.

VP, Digital Product Strategy



Thanks for the mail and for an excellent well executed and very enjoyable evening – great hosts, great conversation and great company.

I really enjoyed the format and participating in the conversation; I’d be more than happy in joining you at future events where I can contribute.

In answer to your question, I’m not sure you could improve the event – apart from the technical hiccup, which wouldn’t be an event if there wasn’t at least one.

Marketing and Sales Director


 Thanks for inviting me to the BEE  dinner last Thursday.

It was a great opportunity to network, discuss about the digital future and share experiences among a certain peer group.

The organization and the whole environment was very good - from the chauffeur services (which finally allowed me to join this event) to the intro speeches and the selection of diverse participants. I always felt very comfortable and well treated.

Thanks once again to you and your team! Keep going that way and I am looking forward to seeing you again

General Manager Innovation & Transformation 

Kromberg & Schubert GmbH & Co. KG

Thank you very much for facilitating the executive dinner @ Villa Kennedy. I loved the familiar atmosphere, the lively discussion, the exchange between the participants, and least but not last the excellent dinner. You have done a great job and in fact if I look at the event (beginning from the pick-up, the welcome, the people, presentation, … until the drop at my home) I cannot find anything to improve. Please continue.

Vice President W&CC Technology / Common Services

Deutsche Bank