Senior Level Interaction


BEE Exclusive Executive Events are per invitation only, gathering a selected group of senior-level executives to interact with their industry peers in an informal way. Each invitation is based on the participants’ relevance and influence within their organizations and will be limited to a specific number of executives. The events focus on the exchange of ideas, brainstorming, discussion of issues and business trends related to the executive guest area of expertise.

These Exclusive Executive Events provide the executive's guests a platform to address their challenges and issues they are currently facing or that they foresee in the near future and, at the same time, brainstorm solutions that can help them overcome their challenges.

We deliver these exclusive executive events on various topics based on current business trends and challenges that these global companies are facing currently in their day-to-day business.

BEE works with global companies in providing a platform for C-level executives to come together for an exchange of ideas in an intimate, exclusive environment.

Upcoming Exclusive Events

If you are interested in receiving invitations to our exclusive events around the globe, please send an email to or you can select an event and register.

Please note that your confirmation of the event shall only be confirmed once the request is authorized and BEE sends an official confirmation email. 

No upcoming events.

More Info...

Exclusive Executive Dinner "Competing on Speed"

Date - March 27th, 2018

Location - Santa Clara (CA), USA

Exclusive Executive Dinner "Digital Transformation"

Date - April 11th, 2018

Location - London (UK)

Exclusive Executive Dinner "Blockchain Technology"

Date - April 26th 2018

Location - Paris (FR)

Exclusive Executive Dinner "Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Electronic Signatures"

Date - June 26th, 2018

Location - Frankfurt (DE)

Exclusive Executive Dinner "Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Electronic Signatures"

Date - July 5th 2018

Location - Munich (DE)